BONDIMEX, specialist provider of IQF fruit and vegetables for food industry, was established in France in 1992.
Initially sourcing from suppliers in Poland, our local knowledge of agricultural production together with our mastery of the Polish language ensured the motivation and co-operation of our suppliers to attain high quality products.
The quality of our commercial relationships has made it possible to build and maintain stable and long-lasting partnerships with clients and suppliers.
BONDIMEX is valued for its vigilance, ability to react and adapt, whilst ensuring that it meets its' obligations. It is easier for our small team to make quick decisions that are clearly transparent.
Significant increases in sales levels as well as changes in market requirements induced us to open our branch in Poland : BONDIMEX POLSKA.
For several years we have been building on the experience we gained in Poland, enabling us to supply frozen produce from other countries.

BONDIMEX offers :

  • Wide range of IQF fruit and vegetables
  • Different cuts, sizes, packages (from 250 g to 25 kg )
  • Fruit puree
  • Blanched vegetables, pre-fried or pre-cooked IQF
  • Fresh peeled onion